Tadpoles and Cows

After a nice rain we get so much water pooled in the runoff area at the bottom of our yard.  Here lies a fantastic breeding ground for froggies (and probably mosquitoes, but they haven’t been too bad these days).  This situation absolutely calls for traipsing around in rain boots, looking for tadpoles and frogs.

Do you remember doing this as a kid?  I loved going to the creek with my brother to see what we could find.  I’ve probably said this before, but that’s okay.  Crawfish, tadpoles, fish, and rocks of course were some of the things I thought were so much fun.  And then finding an area in the creek where it was too wide to cross and making a bridge or jumping from rock to rock to get across was just the best!  We spent so much time in those woods.  The organic discoveries of being a kid are so important.  The quiet moments of exploration when learning takes place through the senses and not through instruction make childhood so much more full and rich and the learning more powerful.

On this particular day our adventures led us to the farm at the end of our road to look at the cows.  We could hear them mooing from our house, almost as if they were inviting us for a visit.  



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