The Laelia Orchid

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On our lanai hangs an orchid.  When it blooms, it is absolutely breathtaking.  Did you know the most common type of orchid is the Laelia Orchid?  Ours blooms once a year and this year it opened, in all its glory, yesterday–on Laelia’s birthday.  How fitting.  After breakfast, Chloe pointed out the two marvelous blossoms looking as lovely as ever.  I had to move it from where it hung to right in front of the window so we could gaze at as much as possible, for as long as we are graced by them this year.

laelia cattleya orchid

Scott’s Great Grandma Grace grew orchids.  This beautiful orchid is one of hers.  And our sweet Laelia is Laelia Grace, named in part for her great great grandmother.  Hopefully this orchid will last for a while and we can give Laelia and her sisters a piece of it to take with them when they’re grown (although their father is fine with them living with us forever).

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