Happy Birthday to My Sweet Laelia

Today my little Laeli-bug turned two.  She is such a sweet little ray of sunshine in each of our lives.  We wanted her to have a special day–even Chloe and Willow worked hard to make this day wonderful for her.

On the eve of a birthday, I love getting ready in the quiet stillness of the evening.  After the girls are asleep, I decorate for the special day and make sure everything is perfect for them when they wake up.  And when they do, it’s so much fun!  They loudly wish their sister a happy birthday.  Chloe knows the presents will already be on the table and today she led Laelia and Willow out to the festive table, which had been readied in Laelia’s precious honor.  I have thought of ways to try and wait to open presents until later in the day, but I keep coming back to the magic moment of the morning and how exciting that is for the birthday girl.

Chloe sewed a darling little bag for her sister.  She also made her a card and was so excited to give them both to Laelia.  And Laelia of course loved them both.  She also got a rainbow pony from Mama and Daddy, which she played with all day.  She’ll also get a sweet little dress for her birthday party this weekend that Mama is busy working on.  I’m so excited about it.  

The girls swam for a while.  And while the older girls were in the pool Laelia threw every pool toy we have in there, as well as everything else she could lift off the lanai.  It’s her favorite thing to do around the pool.

Then we headed down to the river where we hoped to see some dolphins.  Lately we see them every time we are there, but today we didn’t see any, which is so sad because Laelia loves, loves, loves them.  But they played on the rocks and then we had lunch at a restaurant on the river.  We sat outside in hopes to see dolphins, but….no luck.  But, we did have a fabulous waiter who knew what I wanted without me having to say a word.  He even brought the girls balloons and didn’t know there was a birthday.  He also brought them frisbees!  How fun is that!  He got a nice tip. 

As we got home, the rains came, which we always appreciate.  It’s a nice break in the day and a great segway into rest time.

The girls decorated Laelia’s cake, which looked so cute.  Chloe wants to be a baker when she grows up.  She’s got it all planned out, but I am telling you that she can do it!  She could do it now!  So, she had the frosting on her spatula and put a big glob on the top of the cake and then took the pedestal and spun it (it’s not a lazy susan) to spread the frosting evenly (she’s five).  She really is amazing.  She frosted the entire cake.  Willow covered the top with mini chocolate chips.  She did a great job too!  It really looked amazing.  Laelia also “helped” by sticking her finger, and sometimes her entire hand, in the frosting and taking a nice lick.  

Grammy and Pappy came over for a little celebration and cake and the girls had a wonderful time with them, as always.  Laelia felt very special today and that was what I really wanted for her.  I don’t want to bring out the bratty side of my kids on their birthday and give them their every wish.  But I do love having a day to celebrate them.  I want them each to know that they are each special in their own way and this world truly is a brighter, happier place because of their existence in it.  I am so blessed to have Laelia as my baby girl and I will forever be thankful for her.  


5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to My Sweet Laelia

  1. Christie, I enjoyed all your pics and your story about the girls, they are a blessing to you, but they are also blessed to have a awesome mom like you!! Keep up the good work Mom! Hugs Barb Lucas

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