Mama’s favorite things – Summertime

With the changing of the seasons in the air, I thought I would take a moment to reminisce about the wonders of summertime and list a few of my favorite things about summer.

1.  The abundance of rainbows after a good storm

2.  The feel of a thunderstorm rolling in on a hot day, cooling our world for a short time, and giving our plants a much needed drink

3.  The hot hot sun beating down

4.  The girls splashing in the pool, pretending together and practicing new tricks and becoming wonderful little swimmers

5.  Hunting for turtle nests on the beach, watching the girls run from nest to nest, looking for precious turtles that may have been left behind

6.  The hundreds of beautifully colored dragonflies that swarm an area, looking for tasty mosquitoes to eat.  They are so fun to watch!

With each season comes something special–favorite moments that are shared and new memories that are made.  As much as I don’t like to see things come to a close, I am excited for the new experiences we will share together this fall.  For the girls, new childhood memories are being made and I love contributing to them!  Autumn is my favorite season and I can’t wait to enjoy it with these precious little ladies.


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