In the Garden

It’s planting season again!  August and September mean it’s time to get back out there and grow some veggies.  The summer is good for…well, okra.  Not much because it’s so hot.  While okra is wonderful, I can’t wait to get back to growing those nice juicy tomatoes, giant cucumbers, broccoli, and all our other favorite vegetables.

okra, summer veggies

Our garden needed some love.  I guess not just some–a lot.  I was keeping up with it for a while, but then the rains came and I just lost track of it.

weeds, planting boxweeding a garden, weedingminiature banana treeIt didn’t take long to get it ready again.  The weeds came out easily and we had plenty of help, which was a good thing because once again those dark, puffy clouds were looming in the distance.

weeds, weeding, garden gloves, spadekids gardeningA few weeks ago we started some seeds.  We have some beautiful seedlings that were ready to go in the ground.

seeds, starting seeds, growing seedslittle gardeners, seedlings, seeds, starting seeds, pepper seeds, tomato seeds,dirt, soil, gardening, vegetable gardening, vegetable gardenseedlingsDuring the last two growing seasons, I’ve tried to grow snow peas.  We love snow peas.  The girls grab them as I am washing them and eat them raw.  I have found that snow peas do not like much sun while they grow.  The plants start out a beautiful green, but get lighter and lighter as they get taller (and never get that tall).  Then they slowly die off and I might get two or three little peas out of 6 plants.  But this past season one of the plants fell off of the trellis and laid beneath a broccoli plant, hidden from the sun.  That part of the pea plant was a beautiful rich green.  So, this time I’ve planted them in a box and on the box, I’ve put wheels.  That way I can roll it if it needs to be relocated.  Fingers crossed!  We could really go for some snow peas these days.

We got our little vegetable garden all planted.  Hopefully we will expand it in the next month or so, but for now we have three types of peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, chives, okra, mint, spearmint, snow peas, lettuce, and squash (not including the fruit trees).  It’s a good start!


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