Isaac’s Visit

Being in Florida, we of course felt a little bit of Isaac yesterday.  However, I am amazed at the difference just a little bit of distance makes (and I mean just 15 miles or so) in destruction in these types of storms.  Some people had homes destroyed from the tornado that came along.  Others had cars completely under water.  We didn’t see anything like that.  Just a lot of rain and some winds here and there.  But with the rain, came massive puddles that flooded our road and made three little girls ache for puddle jumping!

rain, puddles, puddle jumpers, puddle jumping, boots, galoshes


It’s amazing to me that with all that rain, our Whimsical Garden drained immediately and never really had any standing water.  Florida.  Sand.  You know.

The girls really liked when the water splashed up from the car, so I thought I’d include that picture.  But what they really found fantastic was how full our pool got from all that crazy rain.

effects of hurricane IsaacI know, “Look out!”  Some people lost their homes and we have extra inches of water in our pool.  I’m so grateful for what we have and the protection God gives us.  We are continuously blessed.  Aaaand, my Elephant Ears are definitely grateful for the rain.  I think they grew 6 inches yesterday!  They are going to bring some shade here pretty soon.





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