First Day of School

Today was our first official day of homeschooling.  We have a wonderful rhythm that we follow each day.  Today we jumped back into the schooling part of our rhythm.  The girls enjoyed it tremendously.  first day of school pictures

Chloe is learning to read.  She read a book today, which was really cool for her.

first reader

first day of school portrait

Willow has never been one to focus on a task when given a piece of paper and a pencil…along with an assignment.  It’s not her style, which is one reason we chose to teach them at home.  But today when I told her what she needed to do, she did it with distinction and grace.  I’m so proud of her.

writing assignment

I think this year is going to be fabulous and I’m excited about my “new role” as their scholastic teacher (I say it that way because I (along with most of you mamas out there with your own kiddos) have been the primary teacher since their creation).  This is just a fun new step in their development that I am so blessed to be apart of!

homeschooling, teacher, enki educationIt takes a lot of planning and time, but every moment we can spend together makes it all worth while.

And soon enough it will be my little Laelibug’s turn.


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