Ball Jar Cups for Kids

Well, you know how feel about plastic and my kids.  I’m not a fan.  So, I’ve been hunting for the perfect cups for them.  I also don’t like cleaning up spills so I’ve had to factor that into my search.  I came upon the Ball jars.  I love the idea of them using these as their cups.  So, I bought a dozen and drilled holes for their straws into the lids of them…which after a while began to rust.  Plus, it’s not easy to file down the holes after they’ve been drilled, making the inside of the lid sharp.  Not so good.

canning jars, mason jars, ball jars

mason jar lids

So, yesterday I was at the store and I found plastic lids for the ball jars.  They have those!  I never knew.  I can deal with a plastic lid and a glass jar for the cup.  I am actually super thrilled about this!

plastic lids, sippy cups

The girls and I got them ready and I drilled holes into them where the straws will go.  (Chloe took pictures of me drilling the holes.  Pretty good, huh?!)

drill, cordless drill

And speaking of straws, did you know that stainless steel straws exist?  Less waste and toxins with stainless straws.  Overall, I’m very pleased with this change and progress in our transition to organic living.

sippy cups, stainless steel straws, bpa free/8

If you haven’t joined in yet, this week’s from dream to reality closes in a couple days on the DIY Dreamer!

The DIY Dreamer

13 thoughts on “Ball Jar Cups for Kids

  1. yeah wow! ss straws and cool cups! BRILLIANT! We’d love for you to link up to our new weekly blog hop- photo friday- any of your fav. pictures from any posts are welcome!

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