Willow’s Shirt Dress

My girls often raid my closet and try on my clothes, which I find to be adorable.  Yesterday Willow found my pink shirt (one that I never wear) and she decided to wear it as a dress.
pink shirt, shirt dress, sewing dresses, handmade dressesThe “dress” didn’t have straps though and kept falling down, which she told me was just fine because she could hold it up with her arms.

I never wore this shirt because it doesn’t have straps (oh, and it looks horrible on me).  And if you know anything at all about children, you know that at any moment they could pull a maneuver which I call “pantsing” and yank that shirt right down (as one might do to someone’s pants, hence the word pantsing) destroying whatever shred of modesty I might still have left over from previous times when I have been pantsed.

tube topIgnore all the wrinkles.  You see what I mean though.  That shirt can be pulled down with practically no effort.  But Willow looks just precious in it, so I sewed some straps on for her.

sewing on dress strapsAnd that’s how my shirt became her dress.  I’m so glad I didn’t get rid of it when I had planned to about 10 times before.  Now I want to go through all my clothes and see what I can modify to make into dresses for them!

recycled dress, shirt dress


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