i love purple

Chloe has a new favorite color–purple.  With every new favorite color comes a new need for everything to be that color.  We don’t actually change the color of everything, but from here on out (until it changes again) all of her color choices are purple.  And if for some reason she does not choose purple, she will let me know that while purple is still her favorite color, this time she has decided to choose the [insert color here] one.  A little disclaimer never hurt anyone.

We were shopping for fabric last week and I put a bolt of a purpley fabric in the cart.  Chloe was so excited and asked if she could please, please have a dress made with this fabric.  Of course!  If it was up to me (time willing and such) their entire closet would be filled with dresses I’ve sewn for them.  pattern, butterick, scissors, pins

fabric, dress pattern, seam ripper, pins, iron, ironing board, materialSo, normally I don’t follow a pattern.  I usually take parts from it that I like, but modify it.  This was my first time actually following the pattern since Chloe liked it.

sewing a dress

scissors, pinsdress, sewing, sew, pattern, dress pattern, kids clothes patternsdress pattern, sewing machine, needle, thread


It’s such a simple dress–so light and airy.  It’s just perfect for these hot summer days.  Willow chose some rainbow fabric for hers, so I’ll be sewing tonight too.  This dress only took me 90 minutes from start to finish.  Not bad!  I’m sure I’ll get faster as I go.  🙂chloe's dress, mamas sewing, sewing mamas


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