{Tutorial} How to Make Refrigerator Picture Frames

Usually our refrigerator is decorated to the nines with fabulous artwork from the three greatest artists on this planet.  I’m certainly not complaining.  It’s definitely a blessing to be given these carefully crafted masterpieces to hang proudly on our fridge.

I was thinking that it would be nice to find some way to display them in a way that didn’t make the fridge look junky showcased them.  I don’t remember if I saw this idea somewhere–maybe pinterest because that’s where I see tons of fabulous ideas.  Either way, I had been wanting to make these for a very long time–magnetic picture frames!  

refrigerator artwork

So usually this is the front of our fridge.  Definitely a lot of time, talent, and love went into making this happen.  Even the magnets were made by our little artists.

cluttered refrigerator


There are only three supplies needed.  And this is a super cheap project!  The picture frames I purchased that the good ole’ Dollar Tree.  I got the certificate size to make sure that the paper fits nicely inside.

$1.00 x 3 = $3.00

The other two items needed are magnets (nice thick round magnets work great) and a hot glue gun (preferably with the glue stick or else having the glue gun won’t be important anymore).

$3.00 for magnets 

Amazing Artwork- Free!

Total cost: $6.00, although you only use 4 magnets for each frame,  so you’ll have a lot left over for the next project.  
crafting tutorial, how to make refrigerator picture frames


How To Make it

  • Take out the glass, paper, and backing.
  • Bend back the prongs that keep all of those good things inside until they are flush with the frame.  We don’t need these anymore.

picture frame, dollar tree picture frame


  • Glue one magnet to each corner of the frame.

refrigerator magnets


  • Insert your artwork into each frame and hang!

You now have a fabulous art gallery right in your very own kitchen.

refrigerator picture frames, refrigerator artwork

fridge artwork, masterpieces, refrigerator masterpieces


I did have to add a couple of my favorites back onto the other side.  They deserve to have a place there.kids' artwork, coloring, drawing, colored pencils


4 thoughts on “{Tutorial} How to Make Refrigerator Picture Frames

  1. LOVE this idea Christy!! It gives the fridge a classy look!!! I need some of those frames!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

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