Little Laeli-bug and the Haircut

There are many moments in the lives of my children that I thoroughly enjoy.  But there are many, many moments in their lives that, while I do enjoy them, they also bring a bit of sadness along with them.  The first haircut is one of those moments for me.  Yesterday Laelia got her first haircut.

cutting hair, cutting a baby's hair, first hair cut

I wrap the most precious curl in a rubber band so I can save it.  It’s such a precious little curl and such a baby soft memory of these years that go by so very fast.


And with one little snip, this one piece of their baby moments is gone forever.  I did hold on to it for a while.  I’m the mama who waits as long as possible for that first haircut.  I just love how sweet their baby hair is–so wispy and soft.

sweet little cheeks, little girl

Her hair is still sweet and she is amazingly sweet of course.

little lady, baby hair, two years old, baby girl

She is kind and thoughtful and shares her “I love yous” with me about 20 times each day.  Laelia has a fantastic sense of humor and is such a funny girl.  She and I have a special bond.  While most kids have a lovey or a woobie that they carry around and snuggle, Laelia has me.  She would rather snuggle me close than feel the fuzzy softness of any stuffed animal or blankie.  What a special treasure!  Some mamas might feel this to be quite an imposition because it does require a lot more of my time on occasion.  But I don’t mind it one bit.  How quickly these moments fly by!

family, mirror, face, hair

With each absence of babyness comes a new beautiful quality that we get to see in her.  My little Laeli-bug is such a grower.  I love watching her blossom into a sweet little girl and I will cherish each part of her that fades away.  And although these pieces of her fade they will never disappear forever.  Each becomes a piece of Laelia that she will carry with her forever…and so will I.

sweet baby girl, hair cut, mirror

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