My many jobs

Most of us have a job of some kind—or of many kinds.  I have the job of Mama, teacher, photographer, and all the jobs that go with those jobs, but the one that I’ve never before mentioned on Whimsical Whimsies is Marketing Director for Chick-fil-A (just one store, not all of them ;)).  This weekend we had two events and I am feeling spent.

cow, eat mor chikin, sew an apron, cow spots

Friday, was our National Cow Appreciation Day, where if you came dressed as the cow you would get a free meal or a free entree, depending on your level of dressing up.  I had an old white apron that was full of stains from when I used to work in restaurants.  So, I took one of Scott’s old, light weight work sweaters and I cut it up and sewed it onto my apron to be cow spots.

I also spent time yesterday painting cow spots on people’s faces and I took a bunch of pictures of the “herds” coming to our store.

legoland, lego competition

Today, was a lot of fun!  Today we hosted our first Lego competition.  The prize–2 tickets to Legoland Florida!  Who wouldn’t want to go there?!!  I’ll tell you who.  Just about nobody, because everyone loved this competition!  I can’t take credit for the idea, but I can tell you that I spent many hours organizing and planning this event, which turned out fantastic!  Now, if I hadn’t spent time getting it ready, it would’ve been terrible.  These types of things have to be planned with each moment and each possible scenario in mind in order to make everyone (including all of my helpers) happy.

Now all I have left to do is the judging!  That’s the hard part.

building with legos

building with legos, lego castle

Okay.  Next on my list is Sunday school.  That hasn’t happened yet, but tomorrow it will.  I get a lot of joy doing my job of Administrator in the children’s department at church.  I teach in Willow’s class and sometimes Laelia’s, but I also get the awesome job of doing the lesson plans for both Willow and Laelia’s classes.  I love getting them involved in the stories.  Right now we are in the middle of learning about creation and all the things God made.  Tomorrow we will learn about God making the sun, moon, and stars.  To celebrate that, the girls and I have been making a sunshine pinata.  Those little guys get to beat it up and watch their snacks fall out of it!

how to make a pinata

Not done yet, but I guess you can tell that.  : )  I made this pinata just like I did my others, which you can find the tutorial for here.  They are so easy to make.  With the sunshine pinata, I just added birthday hats all around it using duct tape.  Then I just tissue papered over top of them.  After putting in the goodies, I’ll add one more birthday hat/sunshine ray to the opening and tissue paper over it and this guy will be all done!  Phew!  I’m sure tomorrow I’ll have a much better picture for you.

And while I’d love to stay here and talk to all of you fine people, I had better finish my pinata and lesson plans so I can get on to judging those precious little Lego masterpieces (using the fabulous pictures one of my helpers took earlier–another very, very thought out plan)!  Then comes the sweet, sweet moment I’ve been waiting for all day…sleep.


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