Nana and her girls

I feel like my girls are so very blessed to have such wonderful grandparents.  We live much farther away from my mother than I’d like to, since it makes visiting so difficult, but she is so great about coming to see us pretty often.  We’d visit more, but airline tickets are so pricey!

We just finished another wonderful visit with Nana.  The girls were so excited to see her and had so much fun planning what they wanted to do with Nana during her time with us.  This time the agenda went something like this:

  1. Make rainbow cupcakes
  2. Play Candy Land
  3. Repeat steps one and two one hundred times
  4. Read 1000 books
  5. Swim

Sounds pretty good, right?  They know Nana’s time with us is short and that it goes by so quickly, so they made every moment count!

mixing the cake batter

rainbow cup cakes, cupcakes, rainbow cupcakes

mixing cake batter, spoon, wiskrainbow cup cakes, cupcakes, rainbow cupcakes

cup cake wrappers, sweet little girlThey baked, decorated, and gobbled up those yummies and then played some Candy Land!  Willow won for the first time, which was so exciting for her.


Although they read tons of books (not the 1000 they had in mind, but close), I didn’t get any pictures of that.  I did think this was cute though.  The girls and their Nana.  She’s showing them videos on her phone.  I think she feels bad for them since their TV is gone.  😉  Nana did get to see/participate in performance night this week, which she enjoyed.

Swimming!  A favorite around here, but especially with this wicked hot weather!  I was so thankful for the rain we had today!  Our plants are so thirsty.  I hope we get more soon.

Anyway.  Swimming.  They had so much fun.  Willow hasn’t been in the pool much this year.  I’m not sure why, but she just doesn’t want to unless I’m with her.  She seemed to have a lot of fun with her Nana though.  I love watching her kick those piggies!



And Chloe gave Nana some very relaxing spa treatments, which Nana said felt wonderful.  This was Chloe’s favorite one.

swimming pool

Chloe and Willow even got to sew some dresses with Nana–not on their list, but definitely something they love to do!  Their dresses turned out beautiful.  Please don’t judge me for not including a picture of the super cute dresses they worked so hard on.  I really didn’t even try to take a picture of them.

sewing machine, dress pattern

What did I do during Nana’s visit?  This picture that Chloe took of me just about sums it up.

flu, cold, sick, germs

The flu.  Blah!  This crazy flu has been making its way around my family.  one. by. one.  It knocks you out!  I think I’m recovering now.  But today Willow got it.  She’s #4.  This thing is so awful  It wipes you out for about two weeks.  I hate seeing my babies sick.  Hopefully it’ll be done and out of here soon!


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