Curly Hair Bows

The Fourth is such a festive holiday. I have loved preparing for it every year. This year I had great plans, but my crazy sewing machine broke. I’m borrowing one, but the whole thing set me back a bit so I didn’t get to make exactly what I had planned. But that’s okay. Next year! I did, however, make some very fun hair bows for the girls.  I’m sure you’ve seen some just like them.

curling ribbon, baking

In order to get the ribbon to curl, I wrapped it around a pencil and clothes pinned the ends to keep it fastened on the pencil.  I wrapped 7 pencils with different ribbons.

I baked the ribbon wrapped pencils in the oven at 220 degrees for 20 minutes.

4th of july crafts

Next, I cut each ribbon in half.  Each bow is made with 7 ribbons, cut in half (=14!).

I cut a small piece of the red ribbon that I used to wrap all the ribbons together.  I’ve seen this done two different ways.  The first way to put them together is using the small piece of ribbon and hot gluing them all in place on top of it.  Then just wrap the ribbon the rest of the way around and hot glue it in place.

easy to make hair bows

The second way I’ve seen it done is to gather them all in your hand just how you’d like them to be arranged, clothes pin them together, and then wrap the small piece of ribbon around it, and glue it in place.  I prefer the first way, just because I found it easier (for me) to secure each ribbon.

4th of july hair bows

Next, get a nice little clip and cover it with ribbon.

crafts for hair, how to make hair bows

Glue your ribbon bunches to it and you have some super cute, fabulously festive hair bows for the 4th of July (and of course any other time)!


5 thoughts on “Curly Hair Bows

  1. They are GREAT Christy!!! Make sure to share them at my linky party tomorrow evening 🙂

    I had always been wondering how people curled ribbon.. such a great idea!

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