i love purple

Chloe has a new favorite color–purple.  With every new favorite color comes a new need for everything to be that color.  We don’t actually change the color of everything, but from here on out (until it changes again) all of her color choices are purple.  And if for some reason she does not choose purple, she will let me know that while purple is still her favorite color, this time she has decided to choose the [insert color here] one.  A little disclaimer never hurt anyone.

We were shopping for fabric last week and I put a bolt of a purpley fabric in the cart.  Chloe was so excited and asked if she could please, please have a dress made with this fabric.  Of course!  If it was up to me (time willing and such) their entire closet would be filled with dresses I’ve sewn for them.  pattern, butterick, scissors, pins Continue reading


{Tutorial} How to Make Refrigerator Picture Frames

Usually our refrigerator is decorated to the nines with fabulous artwork from the three greatest artists on this planet.  I’m certainly not complaining.  It’s definitely a blessing to be given these carefully crafted masterpieces to hang proudly on our fridge.

I was thinking that it would be nice to find some way to display them in a way that didn’t make the fridge look junky showcased them.  I don’t remember if I saw this idea somewhere–maybe pinterest because that’s where I see tons of fabulous ideas.  Either way, I had been wanting to make these for a very long time–magnetic picture frames!  

refrigerator artwork

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Out in the Wild

Today, the girls and I embarked on a super fun adventure.  We went on a safari…a medium sized safari.  We have been exploring other parts of Florida this week.  Today we visited the Lion Country Safari, which is a drive thru zoo.  We had a great time exploring the African jungles together.  Here are some of our moments…most of them are just the animals.  It’s hard to take pictures of the kids while driving–hard and not as safe as one would like.

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How to Jump Start a Car

Today we went to the beach.  When we were getting out of the car Laelia climbed into the front seat and played for a while.  We only stayed on the beach for about 40 minutes, but when we got into the car it wouldn’t start.  Turns out the headlights were on the whole time.  Fortunately, we visited the beach with a friend who drove her rental car there so I had something with which to jump start my car–her car and my jumper cables.  A very nice man also came by and helped me out, as I was Googling “how to jump start a car.”  Ha!

So because of my experience this morning, I thought what would be more fitting than to share how to jump start a car with all of you.  Perhaps you’ve been shown by your dad or hubby.  I have done it before, but it’s been so long I kept forgetting what to do first.

car emergency kit

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Hello Cotton Blog Hop!

Today is my first blog hop, hosted by the DIY Dreamer, and what a better way to get started than with Hello Cotton!  So let’s all link up our Hello Cotton pages.

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My many jobs

Most of us have a job of some kind—or of many kinds.  I have the job of Mama, teacher, photographer, and all the jobs that go with those jobs, but the one that I’ve never before mentioned on Whimsical Whimsies is Marketing Director for Chick-fil-A (just one store, not all of them ;)).  This weekend we had two events and I am feeling spent.

cow, eat mor chikin, sew an apron, cow spots
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