Family Performance Night

When we said “goodbye” to our TV, one of the things I thought we’d miss is our Family Movie Night.  We did it a couple times each month and I wasn’t sure how we’d make up for that.  But then it occurred to me as my children were dancing for me one day (as they often do) that a Family Performance Night was a great way to take the place of our movie night.  Game nights and other things like that will work, but this is something that is so cool!

Each person has to do something to perform for everyone else.  It can be anything!    We can dance, sing, tell a story, play instruments…just about anything creative will be accepted here.

Willow went first.  She just loves to dance.  And when she isn’t dancing I can hear her playing with her toys and having them dance.  Or she has them watch her dance.  I love it.

curtsy, encore, bow

At first they were just in their plain clothes, but then they started really getting into it and wardrobe changes were in order.  Are you ready for this?  I just decided to include about a bazillion pictures since I can’t really convey the essence of the night to you as well with words.  Come on…cute little girls doing ballet in their living room?  Great stuff!  ballerinaballet slippers, dancing, dancing in bare feet

Laelia was very apprehensive about performing, which is shocking since she’s such a ham.  She danced with Daddy for a bit and then…dancing with daddy, dancing on daddy's feet, laelia,

This might not look like much, but she is pretty sure she is hilarious (and she is).  So she started doing her little comedy routine, which consists of her acting like she’s about to fall and then falling down super dramatically.  I didn’t get all of it because then Chloe jumped in front of the camera….silly lady.  Apparently it was her turn.  comedy show, laugh, funny, funny kids, showwardrobe change, dancing, audience, stagepirouette, feet, dancing feetballet dance steps,

Apart from the super cuteness, one of my favorite things was watching the funny faces they make when they do their dance steps.  Oh!  And I forgot this part.  They each hummed their own music while they danced.  I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed that.  Talk about precious!
beautiful dress, ballet for beginnerstake a bowperformance, stage, bow, encore, bravosweet hug, little girls huggingdancer, willow dancing, dancing willow, ballet costume, rainbow rugtippy toes, tip toes, sweet little feet, little girlta-da, ta da, ta da!  Look at me, jumping, jumppretty girl, little lady, performerballet performance, family fun night, family movie night, television shows

Okay if you stuck with me this long, you get a gold star!


One thought on “Family Performance Night

  1. Your girls are the cutest!! That looked like sooo much fun!

    My parents stop by every Sunday afternoon.. and each Sunday my girls do a dance recital for them hehe it’s so funny 🙂

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