Lamp Post Flower Pot

I once saw a flower pot sitting around the base of a lamp post.  After talking with my mom we figured out how she (the lady who lived in the house with the lamp post that we just happened to catch a glimpse of as we drove past) made this super purdy lamp post flower pot.

lamp post, flower pot, mandavilla

So, I bought a plastic pot.

home depot, empty flower pot, terracotta pot, flower pot

And I marked the side with some painters tape from top to bottom.  This acts as the line where I cut down the side of the pot with my saw.

marker, painters tape

And I cut it.  I just used a hack saw.  Very easy to do.  Very easy.  Really, I might even say that with minimal help, Chloe (my 5 year old) could have done this.  Although she is super brilliant *beam* so it’s hard to compare.  Ah hem!  Sorry. Sorry.  I get carried away by my little beauties.

saw, cut, broken flower pot

Then (and this part was slightly trickier due to weird angles and bending the pot in a strange way for a short time while I was sawing), I cut out the bottom.  The great part of this step is that beauty means nothing here.  All we are looking for is a way to leave space at the bottom of the pot to make room for the lamp post.

hack saw, circular saw, easy crafts, easy craft project, gardeningI always love the part of the project where it starts coming together.  You know, when the prep work is over and the building or piecing together begins.  It gets exciting.  So here’s where that happens…

I placed the pot around the post and taped the crack on the inside using aluminum tape.  Scott says it was a good idea to use aluminum tape because it’s strong and it probably won’t go anywhere.  I don’t know.  Here’s hoping…

aluminum tape

Then all that was left to do was plant my fabulous Mandavilla in her new pot.  This is our 4th Mandavilla.  I love them!  And she should climb up the lamp post as she grows.  I have one in the back by our pool that climbs up the lanai and it is just gorgeous!  The other two I planted directly in the ground and they are not as happy as the one by the pool.  One of them (which this new plant is taking the place of) never grew, but never died.  It also never bloomed.  I shall try it somewhere else.  The other is doing okay, but not thriving like the one out back.  I think they appreciate nice rich soil, which the new one has.

mandavilla, flowers, flower pot, climbing flowers, dirt

Also, surrounding the lamp post today were at least hundreds, if not thousands of fire ants.  Oh you can’t see them, but I assure you they’re there!  I got bitten to high heaven…grrrrrr….if it hadn’t been for that I may have cleaned the dirt off the bottom of the pot before showing it to you.  😉

lamp post, flower pot, mandavilla


4 thoughts on “Lamp Post Flower Pot

  1. I just cut out a flower pot exactly like that for the same purpose…before seeing yours…my husband thought it was garbage and discarded it. It was a little flimsy though, so I’m going to do a better one for my lamp-post so I can put a mandevilla

    • Awesome! Mine turned out pretty sturdy I’d have to say. I got the pot at Home Depot for $6 or so. I did tape the inside after I put it around the lamppost, using plumbers tape. I figured that wouldn’t succumb to the water as easily as other tapes, although duct tape would work fine too. Good luck with it! With all the rain we’ve had these past couple weeks, my mandevilla is thriving so nicely!

  2. I love the idea! I don’t have a lamp post but my neighbor does and she has been trying to figure out a way to dress it up. I’ll be sharing this with her and thanks for posting the instructions!

    Also, if you have fire ants, try sprinkling uncooked grits all over the place. It won’t hurt any animals but when the one little grit makes it back to the fire ant queen (or any other fire ant ingests a grain of grit), the grain expands and kills the ant. If the queen dies, the entire mound leaves.

    I have critters all around and this has always worked safely for everyone…except the ants of course! 🙂

    • Thanks so much for the fire ant tip! I am definitely going to try that. 🙂 Thank you for reading. I hope your neighbor can use the lamp post flower pot idea or at least find some inspiration in it.

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