A Day for Daddy

Today is such a fun day for us ladies.  We get to shower the precious man in our lives with extra love and presents and make this day all about him.  And boy does he deserve it!  I can’t imagine there was ever a father more deserving of a day for him.

father's day, happy father's day, daddy's girls

He really is a one-of-a-kind Daddy.  I’ve never seen a harder working man.  This wonderful guy has two [paying] jobs, which he works most days–one of which requires a LOT of his time and energy.

But that, of course, is not all he does for his family!

He works on our own house as well…both inside and out, keeping up with maintenance and just trying to improve things here and there.

father's day gift

how to install a ceiling fan, ceiling fan installation

hanging a flat screen tv

But the best job he has is being the most wonderful Daddy in the world to his three beautiful girls.  I am so proud of him!  I couldn’t ask for a better man to be the father of my children.  He doesn’t just make sure they have their basic needs met.  He loves them so much and makes sure they know they are loved and just how important they are to him and our family.  He appreciates each one of them for who she is.  He loves her for her inner beauty and her outer beauty and makes sure she knows it!  When getting dressed, the girls immediately run to him so he can tell them just how pretty they look.  And he appreciates how valuable our time with them is…it goes too fast!

Today we let him sleep in and went to the beach for a while.  While we were out, we got him his favorite for breakfast…doughnuts!  Mmmm…. and followed those up with the gifts we made for him.

handmade father's day card, hand prints, hand print card

child's hand print, trace hand print

handmade blanket, blankie

Then we went to church and afterward, took him out for a delicious lunch.  The next part of our day might cause you to say, Whaaaat???  But, each Sunday afternoon we take a Ninjitsu class.  Basically, Scott’s parents’ living room is transformed into a dojo on Sundays and a trainer comes to teach us.  It’s fantastically fun.

martial arts, fighting, training, dojo

take down, sense, floor mat, jujitsu

This was followed up by a nice swim and dinner with the fam.  : )  What a nice day! I hope your day was equally as nice and that you spoiled the daddies in your life as well.

Scott, Willow, Laelia, orchid, water, dolphins, swim, pool, florida

swimming pool, daddy, girls, swimming, water guns, swim vest, water toys


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