David and Goliath

Today was just a fun day from start to finish.  But one of the highlights for me as well as for my Sunday School kiddos was the activity we did to help us learn about David and Goliath.

I started with a trip to the Dollar Tree where I got one plastic table cloth and one pack of water balloons.  If you’re familiar with the Dollar Tree then you know these two things (and this entire activity) cost me two dollars.  : )

Next, I spread the table cloth out on our floor and Scott drew a fantastic Goliath that covered the entire 108 inches of table cloth…because he was in fact a giant!

I filled 70 water balloons and put them in a big bucket.

bucket, water balloons, rainbow balloons

When we got to church, I taped big ole’ Goliath up onto the side of the church where he awaited all of those precious little ones to heave upon him 70 water balloons….ballooned to his doom!

david and goliath, giant, table cloth

I don’t need to tell you how absolutely thrilled my little buddies were to hurl 70 water balloons at a cartoon giant on the side of our church.  It’s tough to please every kid at every moment, but I can tell you that at this very moment, each little face had a smile.

Throwing a water  balloon

throwing, water balloons, girl


Every time Willow threw a balloon she would cower in fear immediately afterward, fearful of the aftermath.  So funny.  I took a bunch of pictures of her doing this.  Here’s one more…just because it’s funny.

Chloe also threw a few before Willow’s class came outside.  I try not to put pictures of children who do not belong to me on my site, just out of courtesy, so you’ll have to imagine a bunch of little cuties out here at once.  They were so cute.

throwsling and stonesbible stories, sunday school lessonYou might be thinking, “But Christy, why would you ever give eight 2 and 3 year olds a bucket of water balloons?  Are you crazy???”  I realize how this situation could have gone, but I am very pleased to tell you that each and every child in my class was obedient and that no unnecessary water fights occurred.  Way to go, guys!


6 thoughts on “David and Goliath

  1. I found this on Pinterest, and enjoyed reading your post! Lovely! And what a great idea too! Totally going to be doing this when the summer comes! Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

  2. Thank you for this idea! We are running a mini camp this week for our local community. Thursday we are talking about David & Goliath and I have a slingshot and water balloons but wasn’t sure what to use as a target. Now I know what we will do!! Thank you for sharing your idea!

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