In the Works!

I think most of us are usually in the middle of a dozen projects and things, just waiting for the right moment for completion.  I am such a person.

At this very moment, I am working on two Sunday School crafts.  We are learning about David and Goliath.  Tomorrow my kiddos will be throwing water balloons at a 108″ Goliath, made out of a plastic table cloth that I will tape to the outside of our church.  That’ll be a good time!

I have several sewing projects under construction, including bags for the shoe box mission with Operation Christmas Child.

I am also in the midst of sewing Christmas gifts…that’s right!  I’m an early bird.

I can’t tell you how excited I am that we are redoing our living room.  Really, we are painting, but the kitchen is getting paint plus some new tile on the wallssurrounding the stove and behind the sink.  Yay!!!

The garden needs some major love!  I bought some Florida native plants today that are a flowering ground covering for our large garden, a.k.a. the garden of enchantment and discovery.  This will be a nice change.  I don’t like mulch.  Instead I prefer a nice ground covering that doesn’t overtake the area too much.  I’m looking for plants for our garden that are Florida natives only.  Right now I have some, but I want to make sure we are encouraging a natural progression of wildlife that is ecologically friendly for our area of the world.  This should help!  This week our palm trees will be trimmed a bit and we can focus some more attention on beautifying our outdoor world.

My veggie garden has died out for the season.  The hot season has come, which usually only produces okra and green peppers.  This week one task will be removing the old and preparing for the new!  We do have some okra growing and some broccoli that remains, so we’ll see how it does for a while.

We also have some projects that are pending still.  We have our night stands, a head board, and a coffee table that all need either building or fixing up.

I can’t wait to do all these things, plus the many I’ve forgotten!  But most assuredly before one is completed another will come along.


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