Back to Order

My sewing machine has been whirring up a storm lately!  We have been getting gifts ready for cousins’ birthdays and my sweet Willow has found something that she absolutely loves!  She has been joining me every day at the sewing machine.

pillow pets, pillow pals, stuffed animals, plush toys, handmade stuffed animals

So, last week she began her own project.  She sewed, almost on her own, this bag.  She chose her fabric and ribbon for the straps.  Willow sewed and sewed until it was finished.  I am so proud of her!  Usually she loses interest in a project rather quickly.  But this time that cute little lady sat down at the sewing machine and didn’t get up until she was all done.  And she did a fabulous job!

Handmade bag, hand sewn bag, sewing lessons, beginner sewing, WillowWhen we were done we decided to sew more bags for the shoe box mission (with Operation Christmas Child).  Our goal this year is 200 boxes, so we’re trying to do as much sewing as we can.  While we were sewing this bag, our sewing machine started knotting up the thread, my indication that I should’ve cleaned the machine a week ago.  Eeek!

thread, knotted thread

I told Willow I would fix it and then we could sew again, but that sweet lady just wanted to help me.  So, I taught her how to clean the machine, which only took a moment and she ended up cleaning it herself!

Cleaning the sewing machine, how to clean a sewing machine

We seem to find a real joy in bringing our environment back to order once it has gotten in disarray.  I’m thankful for the little helping hands that are always ready when asked to help.  We have an important job of training our children and I always find so much pleasure in watching them learn to do these things on their own.  Each moment is a gift to treasure.

clean a sewing machine



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