So last week, I showed you our terrarium and the adventure we had building it.  Willow was so excited to find mushrooms for it that day, but we had no luck!  Which is just so weird because there is rarely a day that goes by that I don’t see a couple mushrooms in our yard.

I was driving by our church the other day and I saw this fantastic and very whimsically grown path of mushrooms–big ones!  Imagine my delight!

The next morning I asked the girls if they wanted to go on a mushroom adventure, and my question was quickly and enthusiastically affirmed.  


Willow and LaeliaWillow and the mushrooms

Boy was Willow a happy lady when she saw all of these mushrooms!  I don’t know what it is about them, but I get it!  There is something so fantastically interesting about mushrooms.

Cluster of mushroomslooking for fairiesThe girls looked to see if they could find any fairies at the behest of Chloe, but none were found.  They knew we were coming.

One thing I find really fun is how close together they sprout up in the dirt.  They are just so small and thin, but then, as their tops expand (something I like to call the “umbrella effect”), they get so squished together.

I love how vastly different these mushrooms are from those that grow in our yard.  I don’t think either type is poisonous, although at this point we keep a no touching policy until further notice (better to be safe than sorry, especially when it’s tough to decipher between the good ones and the bad ones at such a young age).  We all love to explore the beautiful, ever changing environment we find ourselves in and I’m happy that my sweet Willow and I can bond over mushrooms and how fascinating they are.

mushroom cluster


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