Our Homemade Terrarium

I can’t say that every day is filled with adventure at our house.  But today, we had a great adventure for our lesson.  I thought it would be a lot of fun and a great learning experience to make a terrarium.  DIY Terrarium, Glass, Vase, Moss, Green, Eco, Homemade,

Part of the fun of making a terrarium is the hunt for plants and other special things to include in it.

Laelia, hunting for treasure, nature, grass, orange tree, playground
The girls did a great job finding just the right plants to go into their terrarium.  I have to say that did an extra good job because they didn’t even know what we were making.  I can explain it only so much, but until we actually sat down to make it, it was probably a little confusing as to what we were doing and why.
exploring our environment, shovel, bucket, butterfly garden, foliage, swimsuit, little girls
Fortunately, my brilliant little explorers were up to the task.  They found one of my most favorite flowers that blooms wildly and beautifully in our yard–the moss rose.
moss rose, willow, blue, swimsuit, grass, sand, digging, dig
bucket, gardening gloves, moss rose, moss, blue, dirt, stick
moss rose, florida native plants, ground, dirt, wild plant,
We collected all sorts of things, not that they all wound up in the terrarium, but we had so many great things to choose from when it was time to sit down and assemble.
spade, homemade terrarium, digging, dig, exhume, do it yourself
vase, terrarium, garden, stepping stones, glass, plants
Chloe was excited to build her terrarium…the other girls lost interest, but we’ll do it again when they’re both a little older and will enjoy focusing on it.
building a terrarium, how to build a terrarium, Assemble habitat,
I’m surprised that moss doesn’t grow in our yard!  It does grow nearby though so we went to a local park and found some for our project.  When I think of terrariums, I think of moss.  So, we needed some in ours.
green moss, photography, ground, dirt, sand, moss,
There’s that beautiful moss rose again.  If it was up to me, we wouldn’t have grass in our yard.  It would be covered in moss rose, which would of course grow fantastically as it is native to Florida and doesn’t need any maintenance, unlike that pesky grass.  I do love the feel of soft grass on my feet, but it can be tough to maintain and keep up.
DIY terrarium tutorial, moss, rose, native, flower, skinned knee, boo boo
how to assemble a terrarium, plant, yellow outfit, dimples, toddler fingers,
mushrooms in terrariums, pointing, child, girl, rock, moss, log, stick, twig, lips
It turned out so cute!  It was so easy to make and so much fun!
fairy garden, fairies welcome, fairy terrarium, moss, dirt, rock, sign,
In our world, we invite the fairies to join us on our outdoor adventures.  Since we brought some of the outdoors inside, we wanted to make sure the fairies knew they were welcome there too.
DIY Terrarium

5 thoughts on “Our Homemade Terrarium

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    • They bloomed for a couple weeks, but I think being outside would have helped them last a lot longer. We are just about to refresh our terrarium. I hope yours turns out great!

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