water colors, watercolors



beautiful art, paint brush

apron, smock, little girl, paints,

colors, primary colors, mixing colors

I always love seeing the fruit of their little imaginations.  With each stroke of their brushes I’m waiting to see what will happen next.
When we paint with red and blue today, how excited will Willow get when she discovers again that putting those colors will make purple?
Will Chloe come up with a new creature or scenario that will undoubtedly make me laugh and think how fabulously creative she is (and Willow too, of course)? 
Each moment of their exploration and learning is such a precious time.  I am in awe of their talents and creative sides.  And what a blessed Mama I am that I get a front row seat to all this action, day after day.  What a gift!  I will forever be grateful for the people placed in my heart for me to love forever more.


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