Serving Tray Makeover

Well, you know how I love thrifting…and I found something super fun, although it needed a little love, Christy style. I mean, this is nice and very reminiscent of Florida, but it needed a little fixing up.  

I think serving trays are so fun and this is my first time giving one a makeover.  I started by mixing my paint, until I got the color I wanted.  Well, it was close anyway.

One of my favorite parts of a project is painting.  And look at this guy.  I walked away to do something for one of the girls and here is Daddy, painting the tray.  I guess he just couldn’t help himself.  But that’s okay.  He did a good job, and I still got to paint when he was finished.

This project really went super fast, other than waiting for the paint to dry.  I found this cute scrapbook paper in my giant drawer of scrapbook paper.  I used to scrapbook and while I did find it fun, it requires a lot of time and space, neither of which I have.  Plus, I found these fabulous picture books I LOVE to make for my girls.

Anyway, I cut the paper.  The tray is wider than the 12″x12″ paper, so I went with the theme of the paper and tore the edge of another piece to fill in the gap on the edge.  I guess I could’ve chosen something else that added a little more pizzazz, but I like this way too.

To attach the paper, I used decoupage glue, which I made so easily!

Recipe for decoupage glue:
1 part water
1 part Elmer’s glue

I painted the glue on the entire bottom of the tray using a foam brush.  Then I placed the paper on the tray, smoothing it out as I went.  If you don’t smooth it out well, it will bubble up.

After it was laying nicely, I gave it another coat of glue on the top of the paper.

I love it!  It turned out so nicely!  I don’t know what I’m going to do with it yet, but it looks cute on the dining room table for right now.  I’m sure many areas of our home will be visited by the tray, although I’ll have to keep it away from Laelia.  She enjoys tearing paper.  I’d be sad to see this go!


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