Pillow Monsters

In our family we are blessed with a lot of little ones, which means we have lots of nieces and nephews.  Nieces and nephews who have birthdays coming up!  I’d been trying to think of something to make for them, when I came up with pillow monsters!

I’ve been designing these little cutie pies in my mind for a week or so.  The more I make them, the more they will change.  Eventually I’d like to have a whole “line” of them, each with different, fun characteristics.

pillow monsters

For this one, I had planned to make her with two different sized eyes, but Chloe loved the idea of one big eye and I thought that was a fantastic idea!

So, I started by cutting the fabric in a fun quadrilateral shape-one for the front and one for the back.  I like to use patterned fabric for the back because she’s a fun monster.

fabric pieces, pattern, fabric squares

Then I cut out all the pieces for the face, arms, and legs and pinned them where they go on the front side (I didn’t pin the arms and legs yet).  I also added a tail to the back piece.

sewing, needle, scissors

Next, I sewed everything in place.

sew in place, sewing machine, monster
Then, I pieced the front and back pieces together, right sides out, and pinned the arms and legs in place between the two pieces.

 pin, pin in place, pin fabric
Then, I pieced the front and back pieces together, right sides out, and pinned the arms and legs in place between the two pieces.
halloween bag, candy bag, trick-or-treat bag
In the opening at the top, stuff Miss Monster until she’s nice and pillowy.

stuff a pillow
This next step was tough keeping everything in place.  I had to use tons of pins!  So, after stuffing her, I thought she would look oh so fancy with some hair sticking out of the top of her head.  So, I cut six pieces of ric rac and bunched them together.  I pinned them to the middle of her head.  I also pinned the top together, getting it ready to sew.

Also, you might notice that I didn’t bother to hide any edges.  I like the idea of raw edges for these monsters.  I think the fraying will add a lot of character to them.

ric rac hair, ribbon hair, yarn hair, how to make yarn hair
I finished up her hair with a dainty little bow–because she’s a fancy monster.
I also added a little buddy for her.  Aren’t they fun?!  They make such a silly pair.  And hopefully, there will be more monsters of all different shapes and sizes to come.
pillow monsters, pillow pets, plush toys
how to make pillow pets, pillow pet tutorial, how to make plush monsters, plush toy tutorial, stuffed animal

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