I’ve been MIA for the past few days, which isn’t like me at all.  Our family has had a very unexpected loss of an absolutely precious man–my Pop.  After a quick flight to Maryland, Laelia and I have been visiting with family and sharing our memories about Pop.


Pop was so special!  Here are some of my favorite things about Pop:

  • He was just about always smiling and if you weren’t smiling he was going to try to get you to join in with him.
  • He was fantastically silly.
  • No one did a better Donald Duck impression…at least in our family.  It came with a tickle on your neck, just to make sure you were paying attention.
  • He could make his ears wiggle independently from each other.
  • He was a kidder and a jokester.
  • He always had candy.  Always.
  • He knew everything about everything and was always willing to tell you about it–especially if you were doing it “wrong”!
  • He loved us.  He loved us so much, even though my brother and I were his “step-step” grandchildren (my stepdad’s stepdad).  He never thought of us that way.  The same went for my own children.
  • I LOVED his bibbed overalls.  There were not many occasions where he’d be caught wearing something else.  And they were so fitting for his personality.
  • He was a skilled at most things that involve tools.  He knew how to do just about everything and was happy to teach any of us how to do things.
  • He made my Grandmom so happy.
  • There were so many times when he helped me with something I needed and was willing and happy to help.
  • He gave the best hugs.
  • He loved God and was a wonderful example of the love of God.


It has been so nice remembering all the fun times we’ve had with Pop and all the people whose lives he has so positively influenced.  He is already so very missed and there will always be a hole in our family.  But we will continue on and rejoice that we will get to see him again one day and will be thankful to have been so blessed by his life and his love.

bibbed overalls


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