Liar, Liar! Pants on Fire!

Well, my little Laeli-bug is growing…as they all do, right?!  I love and miss each stage as it comes and goes.  We have entered a new stage with this little lady.  While she might look like just a sweet, messy faced little girl singing a song here, she has also begun doing something fairly regularly…lying.

little singer

I think all kids do it.  Willow wasn’t as bad with lying–either that or she’s really good at it!  Chloe went through a stage too and our Laelia is just entering it.

So, the other day, Laelia brought a plate into the bathroom.  I was there washing my hands and Chloe came running after her to get the plate from her (such a good helper).  But just as she reached for it, that silly little girl threw it and it broke, of course.  She was immediately removed from the broken glass and reprimanded.  To which she replied, “Chloe broke.  Chloe broke.”  And she kept telling me this for about an hour.

broken plate

Oh boy!  Here we go!  And it’s not just about the plate.  Today Daddy was the one who peed her pants for her.  Funny how that happens.

I can never get enough of this little lady though. Look at those cheeks and those sweet eyes.

sweet face

She just has such a sweet, happy personality and has been a blessing from the moment we knew she was going to be in our family.

sitting, red shoes
Chloe, Willow, and Laelia fit so perfectly together.  They all love each other so much.  They are kind, sweet, and so caring.

Each of their personalities are so precious.  So, while my little Laeli Grace has become a little fibber, I’m sure she will grow out of it, just like Chloe did, and just keep sweeter and sweeter every day.

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