Yard Sales!

Do you love to go yard saling?  I have always love, love, loved it, but now that Scott is into it too it just got a whole lot more fun!  I find such fabulous things at yard sales!!!  If you haven’t given it a chance, you are really missing out!  You can find so many amazing things at yard sales.  I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve gotten recently because I’ve had so much fun hunting for things!

This super cute little ironing board I got for a few bucks.  Scott replaced a screw in it and it was ready for the girls to iron their doll clothes.  They were missing an iron though, so Scott made this really adorable little iron for them.  That sweet man cut the pieces, screwed them together, and used a cabinet handle for the handle.  The girls love it!  They use it so frequently, especially when I am ironing.  Sometimes they drag it in next to my ironing board so we can iron together.  It is super adorable!

hanging basket

Until last fall we kept the kids’ toys in these buckets, but in our quest to rid our playroom of plastic (that’s right, just about all of those toys in those bins are gone) we moved the bins to the girls’ closet for shoes.  So we needed storage for their toys….you guessed it.  I found tons of baskets!

P.S.  This is the happiest baby in the whole wide world…always has been.  Such a joyful lady!!!

baby, happy baby, playroom storage

Isn’t this one so pretty?!!  I love it!

basket of cars
And this particular basket is used when we clean up the toys.  The girls gather all the toys in the house and distribute them back to their respective baskets.  I think one thing about our new basket collection that I love is how different they all are.

clean up baskettoy baskets
toy storage
This might look like a giant mess of clothes, but they cleaned up their doll clothes and did a great job putting them in the basket.

baby clothes
stuffed animals, plush toys, white basket
And check out this lantern!  I was so excited to find this.  I’m not sure yet what I’m going to do with it or where to put it, but I love it!

lantern, light, candle light
I love these jars!  I got the two of them for 75 cents!

storage jars, flour, brown sugar
And the chairs!!!!  Three of them were free.  The other three were found at yard sales for $5 each!  : )  And they were gifts from my mother and Scott’s mother.  So technically they were free!

yard sale, garage sale, chairs, door table
And one of my favorite baskets that I just got this past Saturday for just a quarter!  I love it!!!  Look how cute it is!  It’s rainbow and even though it’s small it has so many different patterns woven into it…and beads!  Love!

rainbow basket
Okay.  This big basket I got for a couple bucks.  When I got it I didn’t realize it was a dog bed!  So, Simon has a new dog bed.  I put a couple pillows in it for him, but I’ll probably make him a nice pillow.  Of course, he’s scared to sleep in it so maybe I won’t go to the trouble to make him a pillow.  We’ll see.  Maybe he’ll start loving it soon.  Willow enjoys climbing in it sometimes.

dog bed basket
And this is my new super great find…for $2!  The girls’ bathroom doesn’t have a medicine cabinet–well it didn’thave one.  I found this super cute, hand painted cabinet that fits the theme and color scheme of the bathroom and is just the right size too!

medicine cabinet, hand painted cabinet
Happy Yard Saling!!!

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