Flowers in the Sand

When we were in the planning stages of our move to Florida, I used to sit at my window and watch the snowflakes falling on a couple feet of their already fallen buddies and wish for the morning when I could wake up and think, This feels like a beach morning!  In my fantasy I’d grab our things and head out for the beach, bright and early.

We go to the beach fairly often, but usually more planning is involved.  However, now that Laelia is a little bit older, not as much planning is needed for the beach.  So, today was that day when we could finally just wake up and scamper off to our delightful, sandy adventure!

I grabbed bowls of cereal and water for the girls and we were out the door before 7:30.  I keep a basket of beach toys in the back of the car all the time, just in case of a sudden stop at our favorite sandy spot.  So, we were ready!

beach babytreasure shores beachsunrise on the beachWillow kept trying to fill in the holes the crabs had made to live in.  Once she understood that they were their houses she left them alone.  She’s such a funny lady.

sand crabs, crabs, land crabsplaying on the beach

The girls started building a castle almost immediately.

building a sand castle, sand castle

Willow was especially proud of it.  It was a very different visit to the beach.  Chloe and Willow worked so hard together to build their castle that they didn’t really talk at all the whole time we were there.  Usually they are running and jumping, Chloe plays in the water a little bit, but this time they were so focused–together!

willow on the beach, dunes

Laelia and I walked a little bit and put some shells in our shell bag.  The beach was so hilly today!  If you frequent the beach, then you know how much the beach changes.  I love seeing how different it is each time we go.

sea shell bag, shell bag, nature bag, nature huntlife guard tower, life guard on duty

Laelia wandered back over by the little boardwalks and the girls followed.  I guess they had finished their silent building of the sandcastle, complete with roads to and from.  So they began their next silent mission…

flower huntrunning in the sand

And it was so cool to see them do these things together!  They just started working and quietly made this beautiful arrangement of flowers in the sand.

picking flowersflower child, flower girlWillow, sunflower, black eyed susanpicking flowersflowers in the sandflowers in the sandflorist, flower arrangement,

Thank you for having us, Beach!  Always a pleasure for the Ferguson family!

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