The rains came down and the floods came up.

Rainy season is beginning here.  It’s a part of Florida that I enjoy. 
I love how things just slow way down during a nice, heavy rain.  
I love that my plants get watered the good old fashioned way.  
I love the sound of the drops pounding down.  
I love the smell of the rain on a really hot day.  
I love how everything feels a little more refreshed.
I love huddling together with my babies to watch it fall.

We were low on rain boots, until Nana brought the girls each a great new pair on her last visit…just in time!!!5897803_orig1344167_orig

I know this looks like quite the puddle, but it gets soaked up within a few minutes after the rain lets up and it makes the plants smile!  1644_orig7431798_orig

Fortunately for my little adventurers, the water quickly drains to the runoff part of our yard and gives them a massive puddle to splash and play in.  It recedes so fast though, so sometimes they barely have enough time to get their boots on before the puddle is almost gone!  But on this particular day we were already prepared and ready to go when the rain stopped.  Usually the puddles are accompanied by beautiful rainbows (and mosquitoes), but not this time.3968404_orig 3424337_orig 9772947_orig 7116965_orig 6391160_orig


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