Thrifting for Night Stands

One of my favorite things to do is decorate my house.  I like to paint.  I like to move stuff around.  I like to find exactly the right spot for everything.  And if it’s not right, I like to figure it out, usually by working with what I have…DIY style!

Because we did not take our time having our kiddos, it has been a struggle finding time to make each room be-you-tee-full without taking forever to get it done.  I am still only half way finished with the living room/kitchen/dining room area and I haven’t even touched the master bed and bath.  It would really take me just a week to get each area done, although I usually take the time it would normally take me to do a job and then add one day per child to get the actual project time.  So, that would be 10 days.

In our master bedroom we don’t have any bedroom furniture.  We have a bed on a bed frame.  We have a sofa and chair.  We don’t have dressers or a headboard or night stands.  We just haven’t gotten there yet.  We used to have some hand-me-down bedroom furniture, but when we made our big move to Florida we got rid of all that stuff to make the move a bit easier.

Scott loves night stands.  For a while we had these nesting tables that we used as night stands.7713316_orig

But Scott said they were too ugly and they couldn’t be our night stands anymore.  So then I brought in this set of drawers that actually go to our desk….and they’ve been returned to be a part of the office set because Scott didn’t like them either.  It might sound like he’s a picky guy when it comes to house stuff, but he’s really not.  It’s just a night stand thing.  5830895_orig

A little while later we were given a set of night stands that used to belong to his grandparents.  I mean they aren’t pretty or anything, but at least they are official night stands until we get something that we like.   Scott hates them.  7731123_orig

But yesterday, Scott went to a bunch of thrift stores (a new thing for him.  He is learning that they are fun and he actually spent the afternoon “thrifting” with two of his friends).  At one of the thrift stores he found two night stands that he actually likes (woo hoo!).  I’m kind of at the point where, yes, I care what the night stands look like, but I care more about him finding something that he likes since these are so important to him.

He ended up getting this pair of night stands for $24 each!  They are a little more yellowy than they appear here, but that’s okay because they are going to be made over in a fabulous way!1865098_orig

They are fantastically filthy!  But that too can be fixed.  I just love the chunky molding that goes around the bottom of them.3102208_orig

These handles are great, but I’m thinking I’m going to do something else with them.  Since our room is going to have a coastal feel (since we do live at the beach), I’ll probably find handles that fit that theme.  2640204_orig

really love the character these drawers have!  I think this project is going to be a lot of fun!  I’m hoping to get a jump on them soon.  I’m bouncing around some color ideas, which in my mind is the hardest part.  Since our room will be blue and white with wood tones here and there I’m thinking something blueish…but that could change.  5421562_orig

And on a different note, it looks like summer has arrived!  At least in Florida.  It has been super warm here!  It’s nice that pool season is officially back (although the only months they skipped being in the pool were December through February) and the girls can be little dolphins again.  I hope you are enjoying the weather wherever you are!  : )


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