The Evolution of the Ferguson Sleepers

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how sleep in our house has changed in the last couple years.  Of course, with kids I don’t get much sleep, but that will change soon enough.  Those babies grow so fast.  It’s not just the amount of sleep that I’ve been thinking about.  It’s the way we sleep…as a family.

It didn’t used to be a family event.  When we were first married, it was of course just us.  Well, us and Simon.  We only had a double bed, which was fine since we like to snuggle.  Then Chloe came and then Willow, but it was still just the two of us in bed because our bed was so tiny.

Before we go any further here, I want to take a moment to say that I have been blessed with many talents.  I’m very creative and have many wonderful abilities….however, drawing is not one of them!  Not even a little bit.  So, keep that in mind while you giggle at my artwork.  : )8054798_orig

So then we got a queen sized bed.
And then Laelia was born and we liked keeping her in bed with us.  She’s so cute!  And with feeding her in the night, it was just easier that way.  But she’s still there…9986930_orig

which is fine, but then we got another addition to our sleeping arrangement.  For a while we kept two toddler mattresses on the floor in our room that Chloe and Willow slept on every night after sleeping in their room for a few hours.  They would just wander in our room around 11:00 or so…but then they would take turns sleeping next to Mama–whoever got there first.  6817198_orig

But that arrangement didn’t last for long and it was just a short time before there were 5 people and a little dog crammed into our queen sized bed.  8789054_orig

And it didn’t take Scott long to move to the couch in our room.  Actually he did give it a try for at least 2 months before moving to the couch.9556917_orig

The couch is an antique barrel backed couch.  It’s tiny.  Not the kind of couch you crash on, especially when you’re over six feet tall.  So, Scott decided to move to the floor…on the toddler bed.  2572251_origNow, let’s stop for a moment.  Talk about taking one for the team!  This man knows his girls just want to snuggle with their mama, so he willingly sleeps on a toddler bed on the floor!  He’s such a sweetie.

Willow sometimes sleeps at the foot of the bed, still on the mattress of course.  And sometimes I sleep there and let the three girls snuggle at the top.

But this week, we’ve switched it up.  I’m always so cramped in the bed, so I thought we should try it a different way.  Sure my legs hang off the bed.  But so far everyone is happy with this set up.  No one is rolling over on anyone else, although Willow usually has to be pressed right up on me.  1336176227



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