Purdy ‘Madoes and a Honkin’ Cuke

Every day we spend some time in the garden, but today was extra fun because we got to do a little bit of harvesting!  Buckets and baskets in hand, we set out to gather our lovely veggies. 4305273_orig

Caterpillars decided that my garden was delicious.  They’re correct!  But obviously I do not want them to devour all the goodies growing in the garden that we worked so hard to grow! So after spraying them viciously with a fantastic organic bug spray that my super cool bro-in-law gave to me, they were gone!  But not after ruining some of my precious plants…..grrrrrr…fortunately, my veggies are powering through! 2889174_orig 7569927_orig 4879486_orig6343249_orig

Look at this big boy!  You can see one of his “brothers or sisters” (as Chloe calls them) growing there too.  We are a cucumber family!  Everyone loves them and we have a few dozen coming….woo hoo!  6023993_orig 5961246_orig 4233544_orig 4043417_orig


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