Scott’s New Job

It’s finally happened!  Scott got a super awesome job…one that he’s wanted for a long time.  Since we’ve been married he’s been in sales, which is not something he’s fond of.  As most jobs go, he had to be away from home for many hours a day, which made him so sad to be away from his girls (and we were missing him too!).6096330_orig

Scott has a background in Film, so when he got a call asking him to edit from home, he happily accepted.  We had to make some changes though.  We have a three bedroom home, which is occupied by all of the members of our sweet family.  So, we had to make this man an office!  Laelia doesn’t spend much time in her room, so her room is now also Scott’s office.  I changed the room around a little to make room for his desk and other office equipment.6363126_orig

And Mister Editor was given this snazzy jazzy computer on which to edit.  He also films a lot of what he edits (and does construction on the side), which makes him a super busy man, although according to his shirt (and his ladies) he’s also the world’s greatest dad!3016426_orig

Scott has lots of favorite things about his new job:

  1. He gets to see us all the time.
  2. We can eat all our meals together.
  3. He can put his feet up while he works (seriously, his desk requirement was that it was spacious enough for all his equipment, plus his feet).
  4. He can work in his jammies or whatever he decides to wear.
  5. He can eat candy!3130259_orig

Daddy isn’t the only one happy that he’s working from home now.  We are all thrilled to have him here!!!  He’s so special to us all and we love that he’s working in the next room so we can visit him anytime.9774102_orig



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