Cruising for Dolphins

This week we did something with the girls that we hadn’t done before.  We took them on a pontoon boat!  This was actually my mother’s birthday gift to Chloe, which was of course postponed until my mom’s visit this past week.  So, we rented the services of Capt Christy and set out.  

Our Mission:  To have a blast….and to find DOLPHINS!

We set out.  Now, when two little girls are looking for dolphins, it doesn’t take long for them to get impatient when they aren’t immediately found.4138257_orig

But we cruised around and found other things, like this really cool boat that was grounded during the 2004 hurricane that caused unthinkable amounts of damage all over our town (and a lot of Florida).9266364_orig

Then we came upon this precious little bird island where lots of birds “hang out.”  Since bird season is ending, many of the birds have migrated, leaving only this little bit for now.  But when the fall comes, they will be back, completely covering this little island. 2368389_orig

We cruised some more until……that’s right!  We found dolphins!!!  We cruised right up to a nice sized pod of them.  Since dolphins are just about all Chloe and Willow have thought about for the past month, this was like finding the most treasured thing imaginable to them.  They were so excited!9664013_orig

Willow named this one Winter (it’s from a movie called A Dolphin Tail, which is a great family movie.  It’s a true story about a dolphin who lives right in our area.  We plan to visit her next year.).5701864_orig6275776_orig 2642557_orig

This pod had a sweet little mama and calf who swam together.  It was cool to see how synchronized they were.  They took breaths together….so cute!7262278_orig5532874_orig

This fine lady cruising with Laelia is Capt. Christy!  She took us on a wonderful cruise and had so much fabulous history that she gave about our town and the beautiful waters.  It’s amazing how much change occurs even in such a small town.  I just want to say that if you are looking for a fabulous trip and a super fun time and the possibility of seeing some dolphins and manatee, definitely give Capt. Christy a call!!!  She’ll even take you to the islands to play and bring you back!  We’re planning to take her up on that next time!6100912_orig

Capt. Christy even let the girls drive the boat for a bit!9113917_orig 6960674_orig9205956_orig

This was such a fantastic family trip!  Although little Laelia was getting tired of having to stay in one place.  Isn’t her life vest awesome!??  It has a little handle on the back, which came in so handy for keeping her in one place(ish).9127268_orig

But thanks to lullabies from Nana and the gentle rocking of the boat in the practically still waters, Laelia fell asleep like a little angel.5077675_orig

These moments when they’re tiny can be busy and seem like we are always running (usually after someone), but my goodness do they go by quickly!!!  I’m so glad we can spend so much time together, learning and having fun and creating (hopefully) wonderful memories for our ladies…and us!

And thank you, Capt. Christy, for being a part of such a special adventure for our family!


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