Our Valentine’s Day

We had such a special Valentine’s Day!

The girls loved the treats and Valentines they found in their heart pockets.  Here is a little peek at our morning.3835982_orig4000748_orig 4401507_orig 494486_orig

Simon didn’t get any treats, although I’m sure Laelia threw some food on the floor for him at breakfast.5189109_orig1475972_orig4716057_orig664021_orig

I made each girl a Valentine.  They pulled them out of their heart pockets and were so excited that there were little notes for them on the back.3706810_orig

Cookie Cutter Valentines…I just want to say that I didn’t let them eat this.  They had a few marshmallows and M&Ms, but that’s about it.  It was mostly for the fun of seeing all the candy that I made this for them.  🙂4211056_orig

My sneaky lady1329361294

Blueberry Muffins!1541304_orig7476395_orig

Daddy loved his Valentine bag, complete with drawings from the girls and candy inside.7974944_orig

After breakfast, Scott went to work.  The girls and I spent our day as we usually do.  We did school work, colored, danced, sang, played, read stories, and did lots of other fun things.  We even planned a special candle light dinner for our Valentine for when he came home from work.  

We got all dressed up.  We made sure the house was clean and sparkly.  We got out candles.  And we made Daddy a special dinner.6395490_orig471253_orig

Then we played outside for a while.1855878_orig

Willow took this picture of Chloe dancing.9326328_orig

And Chloe took this picture of Willow.13293608006248553_orig7780231_orig

This was such a fun Valentine’s Day.  The girls make this day fun on a whole new level.  It’s nice to be lovey dovey with my man, but I remember how much fun Valentine’s Day was as a kid and it’s so neat to do that for my girls.  And, to top it off, after the first 20 minutes of our day Chloe told me it was the best day of her whole life.  Take that, Christmas!  ; )


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