Personalized Heart Banners for Valentines Day

While flipping through the Pottery Barn Kids catalog, I’ve seen on several occasions those really cute holiday bags that you can tie to the backs of dining room chairs.  For example, for Thanksgiving last year I saw a turkey that you could hang.  It could be personalized with your child’s name and doubled as a pocket where you could put Thanksgiving treats (Does anyone do that on Thanksgiving?  We never did when I was younger.  Did I miss a tradition?).  They have cute ones for Easter and so on.

So this year for Valentine’s Day, I decided to make them for the girls–little Valentine Heart Banners.  They turned out so cute!  109241_orig8573540_orig

Each little lady has her first initial on her heart banner.  3646833_orig4254480_orig

And the middle heart is also a pocket for their Valentine’s Day treats!  2355739_orig1329922_orig

I was planning to make them all double sided, but after I sewed the pink heart onto the red heart, I decided that they were cute just like they are.  Plus, I saved myself from having to cut out 12 more hearts.

The girls absolutely love them and that’s the most important part.  Everyday they ask me if it’s Valentine’s Day yet.  They are already looking for their treats!  : )6914523_orig


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