Picture Frame Chalkboard

I made mention in a previous post (about our hallway makeover) about chalkboard I made out of a picture frame.

I have an 11 x 14 frame that I just love!  The glass had broken during one of our moves and I hadn’t gotten around to getting a new piece of glass.

chalkboard paint
But the inside portion of the frame is a great piece of wood.  Most are cardboard these days, but this was kind of a little surprise waiting for me.  I had decided before knowing that it was wood and not cardboard that I wanted to make it into a chalkboard.  I thought I’d have to get a piece of wood for it.  Turns out this was great the way it was!It doesn’t always happen this way.  My father-in-law always says, “It takes twice as long as intended and costs three times as much as you thought,” about any given project.  Usually this is true.

So, I painted the back using chalkboard paint.

picture frame
And I sprayed the frame white (it used to be black).

chalkboard picture frame
Put them together and there you have it!  So easy, it’s barely a tutorial.


2 thoughts on “Picture Frame Chalkboard

    • Hi, Danielle! I got it at Home Depot. They have at least a dozen different colors of chalkboard paints too! So it doesn’t have to be plain old black or green anymore. 🙂 Although I do like the black.

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