Ribbons and Yarn

Today my little Chloe stunned me with her creativity.

She is always very creative.  She is an excellent artist and is very imaginative.  But today she came up with two craft ideas all by herself that were very good ideas!

We finger knitted during our play time today.  To help them remember how to do it, I say, “The squirrel runs around the tree and the bunny jumps over the tree.”  Before I knew it Chloe’s squirrel and bunny had run around and jumped that tree a number of times–so many that her chain was about 15 inches long.  She decided she wanted it to be a necklace, so it turned into a whole other project.  

What a smarty pants she is to come up with that.

But then…

Little Laelia got into some of the drawers in the kitchen and pulled out some bamboo skewers.  They were everywhere, so Chloe and Willow were playing with them too.  Chloe took several skewers and sat next to the ribbon drawer for a while.  A little while later she came into the living room with this:

How did she know to do that?  My little 4 year old (getting close to 5 now) smarty pants.  She is just so clever I can hardly stand it!  She had taken ribbon, tape, and the skewer and made her own streamers.  

The tape didn’t hold well, so I got out the glue gun and made her invention “official.”

Willow followed in suit, making her own with tape, so I fixed hers up for her as well.

Look how fun!  We went outside for a while and waved the streamers in the sunshine.

This is a terrific project for any time–especially for any northern folk who are stuck inside on cold, snowy days.  This project takes about 2 minutes to make, but leaves kids (and mamas) with a good amount of occupied time and fun!


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