Digging for Vegetables

Although it always seems like I’m working on a dozen things at once, I have a new project.  This one is particularly special because Chloe has found a deep love for it as well.  She has actually chosen our project over the playground on several occasions…which is a super big deal.

On one side of our house we have a whole open piece of ground where it is untouched and gets a lot of wonderful bright sunshine.  It also features wonderful drainage when the heavy rains come.  It has been a goal of mine to build a vegetable garden here since we moved in….but NOT while it is brutally hot outside.  This time of year is absolutely perfect for building a new garden.  Warm, breezy, sunny…perfect.

So, Chloe helped me mark our ground.  We roped it off and dug around the edges.

Our front yard is very patchy.  It has beautiful green grass in some parts, but there are a few large, sandy patches of ground that need some love.  We decided to transplant the grass that we removed from our digging area into these sandy patches.

Willow helped us too.  They are such good, hard workers.  They helped load up our wagon and pull it out to the front yard.  They both carried grass and placed it so nicely in the ground.  They also helped fill in some areas with dirt that sat a little lower in our yard than other parts.  They raked and smoothed it out beautifully.

Upon reviewing my pictures, it seems I got none of Willow actually doing work, but she was actually a great little helper!  : )  In my defense, she does like to run around a lot.  She’s stealthy.

Oh!  Look at that face!!!  Those cheeks are perfectly kissable and get kissed lots and lots.

Because we live in FL our ground is sandy….very, very sandy.  So, we are digging down a little farther, removing the sandy soil, and adding organic garden soil to our new garden.  This process will take us a while.  We are on a roll though and will hopefully finish this process next week.  For now it’s a work in progress and a fun, exciting time to spend with the girls and a great learning experience for them as well.  I’ll update you on the progress of our new garden as we go.

Enjoy the blessings that are all around you as you go about your day.  They are everywhere!


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