{Laundry Room Reveal}

I’m sure you remember my laundry “room” that I had previously mentioned giving a face lift.  I say that I’m sure you remember it, because it was absolutely horrific!  Not to mention embarrassing.  Like when you look at it, you hear a woman somewhere screaming in terror.

It truly hurts to share that picture.  Obviously something had to be done.  For my birthday, I asked Scott to make it purdy for me.  Here was my plan, although I didn’t actually show him this.  He might have appreciated it though.

During his vacation last week, he got working on it.  I showed a little bit of his progress at the end of the week.  But now it’s all finished and I can’t wait to show it to you!  Here is the reveal!

Here is a Stain Removal Chart that lists a bunch of different types of stains and how to get them out.  Get yours here!

Ooooo! I just LOVE it!  L.O.V.E. love it!  Let’s see it one more time.


I used to really dread going out in the garage to do laundry.  Now, I can’t wait to see my pretty little “room” again! My hubby did such a good job!  The rest of the garage is a work in progress, but it’s coming along nicely and I’ll share it soon.  : )


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