Weeds and Seeds

In the last few weeks I have tried and tried to weed the garden, but with such an ambitious little 16 month old, it’s a little tough to pull more than one weed before chasing after Laelia to keep her from running into the road.  But this morning, thanks to Scott being on vacation, I was able to spend two whole hours in our garden!

Chloe came out and helped me with the weeding.  We both had a lot of fun.  It was the first time she was really interested in weeding.  She’s done it before, but she was taking ownership of her garden this time.

We have a palm tree in the middle of our garden, which drops thousands of little orange fruits.  After they start to decompose they attract lots of flies.  Super gross!  My goal was to get those all cleaned up so the girls can play in the garden.  Chloe did the raking and I shoveled.  She’s such a sweetie.

After we did a lot of weeding and raking and shoveling, Willow came out and helped us plant some flower seeds, some of which we spilled (the blueberries! mmm…).

We poked holes in the ground to put our seeds in.

Then we dropped our seeds down into the holes.

We covered them with dirt and patted the ground gently.  The girls softly told each seed, “Go to sleep little seed.  Sleep and grow.”

I always feel so refreshed when I’ve spent some time playing in the earth.  And what makes my heart even happier is that it seems that all of my girls feel the same way.  It’s one more way to bond with my ladies.


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