Miscellaneous Matters

This week we had a bunch of different things happening.  The girls are still getting over their cold.  I had it for a few days, but mine came and went faster than theirs did, which of course I wish was the other way around.  Poor little ladies.  I rarely take my kids to the doctor.  I really feel that most colds just need to run their course.  I’ll give them cough medicine if they need it.  I hate for them to suffer.  But in my experience most colds don’t disappear with antibiotics.  After my prescription is up, I’m still sick and I have to wait until it’s over.  Anyway, we seem to be just about through it now.  Scott and I even had the AC/furnace cleaned professionally to get rid of any lurking germs.

My in-laws got me something we really needed for my birthday.  Our garage door opener was at least 20 years old and it needed to be replaced badly.  It took us about 10 minutes (literally!) to open the garage with the opener, not that we couldn’t have done it manually.Here’s the old boy.

And here’s our new fancy pants opener.

It’s the quietest opener in the history of openers.  It sounds like a little whir when it opens.  It’s ever so dreamy.  I wasn’t going to get the quiet one, but the girls’ rooms are right next to the garage and I thought it would be nicer for them.  I super duper love it and the hands that purchased and installed it.  *sigh*

I also picked out the paint for my laundry area makeover and some molding this week.  I have a vision!  Scott is on vacation this coming week and he said he’s planning to get it all done!

Here is the start of the baskets I’m making for the top of the cabinets above the washer and dryer.  I know it doesn’t look too amazing at this point, but in my mind the end result is very cute.

We have been working on my mom’s birthday gift.  I don’t want to give it away since she’s sneaky and she’ll be checking in here now and then.  But here’s a little look at part of it.

My hard drive seems like it has not only crashed, but might be in the burning stage as well.  I’m hoping the Geek Squad can pull through for me and transfer all my files to my new hard drive and then we will be backing up online from now on.  What a nightmare!

Oh!  One of my projects has finally come to a close.  Our dining room door table now has six chairs sitting around it.  We have been slowly accumulating them.  I was looking for chairs at yard sales or just waiting to hear of chairs that needed new homes.  The goal was six wooden mismatched chairs that were at least second hand, and cost $5 or less each.  In the end I paid nothing.  Three were free and my mom found one for $5 at a yard sale and Scott’s mom found two for $5 each at another yard sale.   Mission completed!

I just love how that looks!  It’s so fun.

Have a wonderful weekend!  I’ll be back on Monday.


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