Happy New Year!!!

2012 is sure to be terrific.  Any resolutions for you?  I plan to learn to crochet much better and learn how to knit.

We didn’t really celebrate last night other than by sleeping, although Laelia decided to wake up in the night for an impromptu party.  She was so gabby!  She talked about the dog and how he was a good boy, about her belly, and about the sounds elephants make, and some other things that I’m pretty sure she was saying but that got lost in translation from “baby” to English.

There are lots of fabulous DIY and other fun things to look forward to in 2012 on Whimsical Whimsies!

Including a {Laundry area make over} This, at my request, is my birthday present from Scott.  I am so excited about this one.  Yesterday the girls and I went to the store and bought the paint for it.  It’s going to be so great!  Here’s the before picture so you know what I’m working with here.  I can see the end result in my mind and it’s going to be fabulous!

{Garage make over}

{Playroom reveal}  I’ve been working on making this room perfect for the girls and I’ll show you all the special parts of this room, including a puppet theater.

{Master bedroom redo} with a tranquil theme.  I want it to be a room that makes me feel more relaxed when I enter it.  I want to make it a place where I can retreat with or without the kids and gain a bit of rejuvenation (a nap would be nice too).

{Building a headboard} from a pallet.  Yup, a pallet.

{Upcycling a coffee table} and making it into a fun, creative outlet for the girls

{Hallway make over} (and making it more efficient in the meantime), including a fabulous Better Homes and Gardens inspired project.  It’s almost finished and I can’t wait to share it with you!

We’ll be making our own {laundry soap}

There will be a lot of “how to” and tutorial posts

And of course, lots of stories about our family and the fun things we do all day will be included.  So, stay tuned.  Keep checking back regularly!


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