Treasure Hunt

It’s almost time!!!

Only a few days left….

In our house there is not much else that we are talking about right now.  Just Christmas.  I can hardly say, “just.”  Christmas is so much fun!  We have been working on all our gifts and are just about finished.

One of my favorite gifts for the kids this year is the treasure hunt.  This is so cool!  And easy.

I ordered 450 little gem stones from eBay and I saved all our spaghetti sauce jars until I had enough for all the kids.  We gathered sand every time we visited the beach.  Then, I divided the gem stones into each jar, added sand and shook the jars until the gem stones were hidden in the sand.

You can say it.  This is super cool!

But I wanted two more things for this gift.  First, I wanted a way for them to sift it, but not a plastic sand sifter.  It had to be a little nicer than that.  And second, I wanted a place for them to hold the gem stones (even if only for a short time) after they had discovered them.  My brilliant mother helped me figure out just what I needed to make….

treasure bag!

I cut a piece of 12″x24″ window screen.

I added some bias tape to the short ends.

Then, I folded it in half so that the short ends were together and sewed along the edges of the screen.  Then, I added some ribbon for the handles.

This bag is great for the treasure hunt, but it is also perfect for nature walks and trips to the beach.  The sand and dirt will fall out through the mesh and will keep things a little cleaner!  I can’t wait for the girls to play with them.

Also, I finished the fairies for the girls’ tree house tonight!  They turned out so great.  I’ll post about them soon.  : )


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