{These are a Few of My Favorite Things}

Like everyone else I have things that make Christmas special for me.  I’ve been waiting to do another list of my favorites because this Christmas with the girls being a little older and more excited about the season, my favorite things about Christmas seem to be shifting a little.  The shift has also brought on a much more fun and endearing quality.

1.        Hearing Chloe talk about the true meaning of Christmas repeatedly and her sweet little voice mentioning     our Savior’s birth and our celebration of it

2.       Those soft little voices singing Christmas carols they have learned in our home and in Sunday school and practicing as we go about our days for their performance during the Christmas Eve service.

3.       Decorating—it’s an almost daily occurrence in our home.  Chloe and Willow love decorating and redecorating.  Chloe proudly shows me the newest decorations she has put up in the play room.

4.       Laelia’s little voice saying “wights” and pointing her chubby little finger at each light on our tree

5.       Willow yelling, “Oooooh!  Cwistmas!” at every house with lights or any type of Christmas decoration.  Three is such a fun age because they are really starting to understand holidays and she sure is!

6.       Christmas cards—I love making them for others and receiving them and seeing the annual updates and pictures people send.

7.       The glow of the lights on the tree and the shadows they create on the ceiling.

8.       Putting the train on the track (again and again) and while I sit there reaching under the tree my little Laelia backs herself up and plops right down on my lap—exactly what I used to do when my dad would set up our train.

9.       The oh-so-pure excitement and energy that comes from these children.

10.   The time and love that has gone into making each and every gift this year.  I had such a good time.  The girls got involved, which made it a fun learning experience for them.

11.   Baking!  We have such a good time in the kitchen and never any leftovers.  : )

12.   The smell of cinnamon simmering on the stove.

13.   A guaranteed visit from my mama, which is a happy time for all.


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