The Gingerbread Disaster, I mean, House

Today the girls and I made our gingerbread house. I had planned to buy a mold and bake from scratch, but it completely slipped my mind, so I bought a kit. When I got home from the store this morning, Willow was so excited to see the gingerbread kit that she carried it all over the house. I’m sure you can guess what happened. It needed several repairs during our building process.

Sad.  Sad is the word you are looking for.  It’s a sad looking house.  Did you know they also have kits for gingerbread townhouses?  Well, I got it together and then it just kept sliiiiiding apart and sliding and sliding and sliding.

I kept pushing it back together and letting them continue decorating.  That is until….

Yep.  And then I said, “Let’s eat it!”  They both just stared at me.  So I picked up a piece of the roof and took a bite.  Then they got big smiles on their faces and started chowing down.

But we had fun.  And at bed time when I asked them both, “What was your favorite thing that you did today?”  They both responded with, “We made the gingerbread house!!!”


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