Blankie Makeover

My precious nephew Peter turns 10 tomorrow. Peter has a special blanket that he has been loving since he was a baby. His Grammy sewed it for him. He has loved this blanket so much that he has literally shredded it’s cover (kinda like a duvet cover) in places.

So, for his birthday gift, I have been asked to sew another blanket for him.  I love to sew, but for some reason I was quite intimidated by this, so I kind of put it off for a while so I could think about how exactly I wanted to sew it.

Today I realized I’d better get crackin’ so I started cutting and piecing and pinning and cutting and sewing and sewing and sewing.

Mr. Peter is a very special boy.  He is so sweet and funny and loving.  But one thing that he struggles with is autism.  He does very well, but for now has this difficult hurdle to jump.  Being autistic, Peter is very tactile.  He loves to touch and feel just about every surface he can. 
With this in mind I designed his blanket.  There are five different types of fabric in his blanket.

Velour – he’ll love snuggling up with this one.

Cotton with sparkles and planets – he will love to look at this one!  It’ll make him smile.

Soft denim – a little more course than the others, but a good fabric to throw in the mix.

Taffeta – so soft!  He’ll love to run his fingers over this one.

The sooo soft worn cotton (which he calls “moons”) that used to be his entire blanket, but is now in pieces – ahhh the comfort of his blankie.

After piecing and sewing and a couple of hours his blanket is done.   It’s two sides are different, which adds more pizzazz to the tactile aspect of it all.

By the way, have you ever sewn with velour?  I try not to mention much on here that is negative, but holy moly!!!!!  Agh!  It curls up and slips and slides around like crazy!  I thought the taffeta would be difficult, but it was a breeze.  I think it’s safe to say that velour and I will not be meeting again for a very long time.

I am so glad that Peter will have his snuggly blanket back and that it has a fabulous new flair.  I tested it out on Simon and it seems to be super snuggly.  He’s been laying there for at least 45 minutes now!  I think I’ll go curl up next to him.


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